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What Does Protection Insurance Cover?

Personal protection insurance refers to a range of insurance products designed to protect you and your family and the lifestyle that you are accustomed to. These are: life insurance which provides a benefit to your loved ones in the event of your death, medical insurance which covers the costs of medical bills for you and your family, critical illness insurance which provides an income in the event of an illness that prevents you from working and income protection insurance which also provides an income but in a wider range of circumstances.

We specialise in advising people on personal protection insurance plans. We are independent and are not tied to any individual insurance provider.

We Make It Easy To Compare Quotes

You submit just one form and we then contact 10 of the UK's leading protection insurance companies and get you quotes that you can then compare in order to establish which is the best protection policy for you. You will find our quote process to be fast and out team of experts are on hand to assist you both in choosing the type of cover that you need or in comparing the quotes to decide which policy suits you best.

All of the protection insurance products are available to protect the whole family. Life insurance is available for any individual as is private medical cover. Income insurance is available to anyone in the family. With the affordability of protection insurance plans you can provide peace of mind both for your self and for your family.

No one wants to imagine what life would be like without one of your current family members but imagine the impact on the family if your were no longer able to bring in an income. The effect could be devastating. Personal protection cover protects you and your family against just that.

How Much Personal Protection Do I Need?

The amount of cover that you or your family require will depend entirely on your own personal circumstances.

If you are unsure of what level of cover you should be considering then you can speak to one of our skilled and very friendly customer support advisers who can talk you through the options.

The best aim should be to make sure that in the event of a death or major illness or loss of earning opportunity that you and your family are able to meet their outgoings.

In practice this means making sure that the cover is sufficient to pay for those outgoings that cannot be avoided.

Mortgage and loan payments, credit card payments and utility costs are the type of regular outgoings that you should be looking to protect against.

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